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Position Overview

Outside Sales representatives are mid-level to advanced positions within the Sales sector of the Home Performance industry. Sales positions represent 15-20% of the jobs in the Home Performance industry. This page provides an overview of types of careers, favored characteristics, salary and educational requirements, and an illustration of preferred skills for specific jobs.  

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Types of Careers:

Outside Sales positions can consist of assessing and analyzing building functions, estimating retrofit capabilities, marketing energy assessments and upgrades, and educating the consumer or client on energy efficiency upgrades and processes.

Key Characteristics:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Previous sales experience
  • Knowledge of residential construction
  • Pleasant and professional appearance
  • A “green” or sustainable life philosophy [1]

Salary & Educational Requirements [2]

  • Energy Auditor: $18 - $20/hr [3]
  • Sales and Marketing: $22 - $24/hr [3]
  • Building Analyst salary: $80,000 - $100,000
  • Min. Education: Building Performance Institute Building Analyst Certification to a Bachelor's Degree in Energy Analysis, Sciences of Business Administration.

Outside Sales Profile

Based on industry input, favored candidates in this position are more socially than technically oriented and more office than field oriented. These candidates have  advanced experience in customer service, mid-level experience in construction, and some physical abilities. The illustration below provides a picture that highlights the desired skills and preferences of a Outside Sales representative. This illustration aligns with the self-assessment survey available here. Characteristics in this diagram are generalized for this kind of job, and are based on input from industry. 

  1. Some Home Performance companies recognize that their costumers are motivated by sustainable or green practices. Therefore, employees that embody green or sustainable practices are valued by these Home Performance companies.
  2. Building Performance Institute's 2010 Workforce Survey