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Development of the Career Resources Content for HPR Center

The content (including text, video profiles, and the self-assessment tool) of HPR Center's Career Resources pages were developed in part through a partnership with the Home Energy Retrofit Occupations (HERO) Program. HERO is an equal opportunity program. The Home Energy Retrofit Occupations (HERO) program is funded by a $2.5 million Community Based Job Training (CBJT) Grant, as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration and hosted by the San Mateo County Workforce Investment Board (SMCWIB). 

SMCWIB, in partnership with CaƱada College, Ohlone College, Skyline College and the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, will provide training and career pathways in selected home performance careers.  These career pathways include retrofit technicians, building analysts, rebate processors and customer service representatives.  Other HERO partners include the Home Performance Resource Center, Strategic Energy Innovations and Swords to Plowshares.

The population HERO serves includes dislocated and unemployed workers, incumbent workers and returning veterans.  Several trainings are available to the targeted HERO population and include Retrofit Technician, Sales & Auditing, Financing & Customer Service and Building Performance for Real Estate.  All training programs will take place in San Mateo and Alameda counties.

The HERO program aims to fulfill the need for training a new workforce in the home performance industry, improve both local and regional economic development, and sustain and grow current and future program activities with its project partners.

As part of the HERO Pilot program, program partners Strategic Energy Innovations have developed an online industry “recruitment” tool that includes candidate engagement information and a self-assessment tool.

  • The candidate engagement portion of the HERO Pilot Program is designed to provide an overarching set of resources for job seekers to better understand the industry and if relevant find links to their own career goals.
  • The HERO self-assessment tool is a 30-minute, self-paced quiz available to anyone who is interested in understanding how their skills and preferences align with particular careers in the home performance industry. 

The HERO Recruitment Resources do not intend to reflect minimum home performance industry standards, serve as a document of job qualification or provide an absolute categorization of career options in the home performance industry.

To obtain more information on the HERO online Recruitment Tool please contact Kif Scheuer, Sustainable Communities Director at Strategic Energy Innovations: kif@seiinc.org 415-507-1433

Click here for more information on HERO including upcoming trainings, eligibility for trainings and more.

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