Industry Research

Research on the home performance / residential energy efficiency industry, including statistical analysis of the construction industry's capacity for growth in home retrofits, analysis of industry output data, the status of finance programs, best practices in marketing and program design, the capacity of the home retrofit industry to create jobs and spur the economy, and more.

Best Practices for Residential Energy Retrofit Program Design

A series of reports to aid program managers, program designers and policymakers in the design and implementation of successful home energy retrofit programs. The series includes nine case studies analyzing state and local energy retrofit programs, and four sets of best practices recommendations focusing on the areas of finance and incentives, marketing, workforce development and business models.

Resources to Start Your Career in Home Performance

Resources for starting your career in the home performance industry: information about training for green jobs, certifications in the home performance and building science fields, "house as a system" philosophy, and financing resources for individuals seeking to enter the burgeoning home performance industry. 

Tools for Small Business in Home Performance

Resources for home performance small businesses including information about trade organizations and local and state programs, certification and workforce development, financing resources for home energy efficiency businesses, marketing best practices, and more.

Resources: For Selling To HomeBuyers

Resources For Selling Your Home QuicklyResources for home owners in San Antonio, TX, that need to sell their home quickly, without making any modifications to the house, including, but not limited to: energy effient upgrades, cosmetic updates, structural updates, ect.

Training and Workforce Development

Detailed report on hiring trends, curriculum development and public policy in residential energy efficiency workforce development.

What is a residential green energy job? Watch a webinar, read policy suggestions and develop curriculum.

Terms and Definitions

Glossary of key terms within the home performance industry: including home performance, energy audits, existing homes, HERS rater, Building Analyst, non-energy benefits (NEBs), Building Performance Institute (BPI), HOME STAR, and more.

About the Resource Center

The Home Performance Resource Center is a not-for-profit organization formed to conduct research and education concerning the field of home energy performance. The Resource Center conducts research and documents home performance-related issues for policymakers, program managers and industry stakeholders to promote job creation, economic recovery, lower energy bills and reductions in carbon emissions through improved home energy efficiency.

For participation in industry working groups, please visit our parent organization Efficiency First.
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